About us

Malena Cosmetics

Unleash your inner beauty without sacrificing your budget.


In today’s world, makeup is a form of art. It is a way we express ourselves. At Malena Cosmetics we believe in exploring and creating looks that defines you. We offer a wide range selection of beauty products as well as a diverse selection of colours on makeup products that you use every day.

Launched in 2009, Malena Cosmetics is a place for makeup where women can unleash their inner beauty without sacrificing their budget.

The origin of our products are from Germany and France as proof of the quality that we offer. Started with nail polishes from which you can choose beautiful shades in abundance, you are never going to run out of options to your new creations.


We know that you can’t put a price on beauty. Your face deserves some special attention and makeup products tailored to your needs: different formulas of pencils, foundation, lip glosses, mascaras, liquid eyeliners with soft brush, precise dipliners, etc. Selection of each of our products is made with special attention to meet the needs of every costumer. The slower intensity of development is due to the commitment and attention to choose the best product for you and also following the trend in the modern world. Malena Cosmetic’s mission is towards our range of products to enhance the high level that would include all products in cosmetics. We do all our best to get to the products with high quality and reasonable prices for each class of users. This vision continues to be the cornerstone of Malena Cosmetics and helps us to build a brand that is synonymous with exceptional service, quality, value and trust and to catch up with world famous brands.

Let Malena Cosmetics be your choice of beauty!