Nail Care

Nail Care



01 – Malena Nail Hardener Top Coat



Nail hardener which continues the duration of Your nail polish.
Way of use: Apply the nail polish on Your nails, wait to dry for a perfect finish and then apply a layer of the Top Coat Nail Hardener, and Your nail polish will last much more than its usual durability.


02 – Malena Nail Hardener Anti yellowing



Nail hardener which restores the natural color of Your nails. Using a special formula eliminates all dark shades of Your nails, refreshes and protects them from yellowing again.
Way of use: On clean nails, apply two layers of the Anti yellowing Nail Hardener and after 10 days of use, Your nails will be restored, healthy and with natural look.


03 – Malena Nail Hardener Double Use 2 in 1



Nail hardener with dual formula that protects Your nails and also gives them a shiny and long-lasting effect.
Way of use: Apply one layer of the Double Use 2in1 Nail Hardener on Your nails, increase the durability of the nail polish and at the same time protect Your nails from yellowing.


04 – Malena Nail Hardener Matte Top Coat



Nail hardener which thanks to its formula rich with specific and carefully selected ingredients transforms every nail polish from shiny to matte without changing its basic color.
Way of use: Apply a layer of the Matte Top Coat Nail Hardener on Your already polished nails and get a perfect matte effect.


05 – Malena Nail Hardener Scratch Repair



Nail hardener which provides smooth and shiny effect on your nails, fills unevenness of your nails, strengthens and protects them against breakage.
Way of use: Apply a layer of the Scratch Repair Nail Hardener on polished nails to fill the unevenness of your nails.


06 – Malena Nail Hardener Plumping Effect



Nail hardener which has a special formula that gives you full, rounded, volume effect of Your nails.
Way of use: Apply a layer of the Plumping Effect Nail Hardener on your already polished nails and get a volume effect without the use of UV lamps.


07 – Malena Nail Treatment Total Action 8 in 1



TOTAL ACTION 8 IN 1 maximum strengthens nails, stimulates their growth and makes them more resistant to mechanical damage. After treatment, the nails are protected from cracking, breaking and listing. After 10 days of treatment all the problems with nails disappear.